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Generation Bass: DJ Nappy Interviews Munchi

Honestly this was one of my favorite interviews,
the questions that Nappy asked me were thought of
and not on some same old questions type of shit lol.
That really made me say some things that I wanted to say
and I appreciate that man. It was awesome to hang with Nappy & Definate.
Playing at Princeton was something else, it was cool to convert them
to the Moombahton ways over there haha.

Weird man, a couple of days later I was even giving 2 lectures at MIT & Brandeis with Wayne!
The Boston show was the shit to, and probably one of the first shows I was
really nervous for lol. But it went all good.

Anyway I'm getting out of subject here haha.
Here is the 2 parts of the awesome interview! Thanks N & D!!

Munchi Interview Part 1 from DEFINATE on Vimeo.

Munchi Interview Part 2 from DEFINATE on Vimeo.

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