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Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta.


Moombahtonista EP [2012]

Moombahtonista EP [2012]

Damn this post is mad late, but fuck it haha.
After much of going back and forth this shit finally got through on point.
It has Angel Doze on it which is my favorite Reggeton artist, and even DJ Blass who is my favorite Reggeton producer,
Brian Life's artwork who fucking killed it on the on making my concept come true,
Wayne & Wax's as the best person to do the writeup with his support from way early on and his work on the Reggeton book,
and then of course you had Frank 'El Medico' who did the whole mastering of the EP - the Reggeton engineer!

So needless to say I'm very happy with this whole package. It officially started the Moombahton/Reggeton collab on a on point way
with the video of 'La Brasilena Ta Montao' ft. Angel Doze which was basically a collab between me and the Project Fathom guys in the end lol.
Check it out! Sura on some on point shit here haha. BOW!

Ok, so for now this is all the delayed info on the release haha. My BAD.
It's not the last thing of this release though so be on the lookouttttt!

Itunes: http://bit.ly/Munchitunes
Beatport: http://bit.ly/MunchiBeatport

Thanks for all the support peoplessss of the internet, I don't know how to express my gratitude anymore.
You know what? Lemme just post up some free shit in a bit haha.