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Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta.


Heartbreak & Munchi - Fuck H&M [2010]

H&M - Fuck H&M [2010]

1. Munchi - Pun Aint Dead
2. Heartbreak - Chavvi
3. Munchi - Esta Noche
4. Heartbreak - Arroz Con Pollo
5. Heartbreak & Munchi - Faceoff

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



  1. Dude, Keep Up the Good Work... You shit is killing it. Did you see that Diplo over at Mad Decent Posted a Remix. You should check it out if you have not. I dropped a Post about it on dtrainderailed dot com.

    You Work is Great, I got to get you over here to Philly for a show.

  2. im from mexico, absoultely fan... mi friend el maria y jose´s share with me a couple albums...

    killing dancefloor

  3. Fuck you! H&M Super!

  4. You're slackin', Munchi; where was October Promo?!

    haha jp man you're a geen yuss. I envy the way you cross genres!

  5. lollll o shit now that u say it i totally forgot to put up the mambo promo?!?!?

    my bad ahaha

  6. YOH Munchi that show in DC on thursday was the shit. Killed that place with everybody on the floor. Be Good and I'm get at you about a philly show.

  7. this shit is ill mate keep it up im gonna try and spread your name aroundhere in calgary!