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Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta.


Moombahtonista EP [2012]

Moombahtonista EP [2012]

Damn this post is mad late, but fuck it haha.
After much of going back and forth this shit finally got through on point.
It has Angel Doze on it which is my favorite Reggeton artist, and even DJ Blass who is my favorite Reggeton producer,
Brian Life's artwork who fucking killed it on the on making my concept come true,
Wayne & Wax's as the best person to do the writeup with his support from way early on and his work on the Reggeton book,
and then of course you had Frank 'El Medico' who did the whole mastering of the EP - the Reggeton engineer!

So needless to say I'm very happy with this whole package. It officially started the Moombahton/Reggeton collab on a on point way
with the video of 'La Brasilena Ta Montao' ft. Angel Doze which was basically a collab between me and the Project Fathom guys in the end lol.
Check it out! Sura on some on point shit here haha. BOW!

Ok, so for now this is all the delayed info on the release haha. My BAD.
It's not the last thing of this release though so be on the lookouttttt!

Itunes: http://bit.ly/Munchitunes
Beatport: http://bit.ly/MunchiBeatport

Thanks for all the support peoplessss of the internet, I don't know how to express my gratitude anymore.
You know what? Lemme just post up some free shit in a bit haha.


Moombahtonista World Tour

HA! So I just made this promo vid for the tour. Full dates are coming soon,
for now these are the dates, starting tonight @ for the first time ever in Orlando BOWW BOWW!!
Where my Latinos at ?!!?!!


Generation Bass: DJ Nappy Interviews Munchi

Honestly this was one of my favorite interviews,
the questions that Nappy asked me were thought of
and not on some same old questions type of shit lol.
That really made me say some things that I wanted to say
and I appreciate that man. It was awesome to hang with Nappy & Definate.
Playing at Princeton was something else, it was cool to convert them
to the Moombahton ways over there haha.

Weird man, a couple of days later I was even giving 2 lectures at MIT & Brandeis with Wayne!
The Boston show was the shit to, and probably one of the first shows I was
really nervous for lol. But it went all good.

Anyway I'm getting out of subject here haha.
Here is the 2 parts of the awesome interview! Thanks N & D!!

Munchi Interview Part 1 from DEFINATE on Vimeo.

Munchi Interview Part 2 from DEFINATE on Vimeo.


Munchi - 3Ball Dub EP [2012]

Munchi - 3Ball Dub EP [2012]

1. Chase & Status - Smash TV (Munchi's 3Skull 'Shoryuken' Remix)
2. Munchi - Skrillex Es Un Montro
3. Noah D - Serious (Munchi's 3Ball Remix)

Cover by Licam.




So some time ago I did this thing for "My Son The DJ" for Vice & Jagermeister. The plan was that my mother would be in it and basicly about her thoughts on what I am doing.

My dude Heartbreak said a lil something on the camera - while in his pyjamas LOL. Also you see a lil cameo of Brenmar and the Bomb Diggy Crew! Most important of course, I'm really proud to have my mom in it and I feel like this video really was on point! I hope you guys like it as much as we enjoyed making it!!


Verano Del Moombahton [2011]

Verano Del Moombahton [2011]

1. Javier Estrada – Voces Del Viento*
2. Diplo & Dillon Francis – Que Que (Alvaro Rmx)
3. Consequence ft Kanye West & John Legend – Whatever U Want (JWLS Bootleg)
4. Bro Safari ft LeDoom – Tempora
5. Sazon Booya – Mis Armas
6. Pickster One – Mami Mueve
7. De Schuurman – Nu Ga Je Danse (La Muerta Remix)
8. Teen Wolf & Shelco Garcia – Fatmanbass
9. Dembowsky – Bambata (Di Di Di DJ Edit)
10. Hostage – Straight Raw
11. Cardopusher – Ella Es El Animal
12. Leo Justi – Hoje Eu To Moombahtonero*
13. Munchi – Jimi Knows*


(artwork by AlyAly)
(compiled/mastered by Munchi*)


Shottas Remixes [2011]

Shottas Remixes [2011]

1. Shottas (Alvaro Rmx)
2. Shottas (Bert On Beats Rmx)
3. Shottas (FFF Rmx)
4. Shottas (Harikiri Rmx)
5. Shottas (Nguzunguzu Rmx)
6. Shottas (Schlachthofbronx Rmx)
7. Shottas (Shaun D & Master D Rmx)
8. Shottas (Unsub Rmx)

Fuck, thanks all of you being down to remix my shit man. fuckin bangers!!

Turntable Lab


Munchi - Rotterdam Juke EP [2011]

Munchi - Rotterdam Juke EP [2011]

1. Paperchase
2. Yazzer Tin Airmax
3. Mi Ta Bek
4. Mamajuana
5. Andando
** Straat Takki

Download Link:


(artwork by AlyAly)


Heartbreak & Munchi - H/M [2011]

Heartbreak & Munchi - H/M [2011]

1. Heartbreak - Jump Up & Twist
2. Heartbreak - The Legend
3. Heartbreak - Doomsday
4. Munchi - Learn
5. Munchi - Me And My Bitch
6. Jakes - Warface VIP (Munchi Likes Moshing Rmx)

Download Link:



Moombahton Massive EP 2 [2011]

Moombahton Massive EP 2 [2011]

1. Munchi - Gracias
2. Night (Sabo Moombahton Edit)
3. Venga (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)
4. Jump Around (Sabo Moombahstep Edit)
5. Sum Sigh Day (Heartbreak Vs. Sabo Edit)
6. Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)

Download Link:


M.I.A. - Vicky Leekx [2010]

M.I.A. - Vicky Leekx [2010]

1. Intro 0:16
2. The World 1:58
3. Bamboo Go 0:58
4. Illy Girl 0:46
5. Super Tight 1:27
6. Let Me Hump You 2:10
7. WWW/Meds/Feds 1:57
8. Steppin/Up 1:01
9. Go At It 1:32
10. Vicki Intermission 0:20
11. Gen N-E-Y 3:05
12. Bad Girls 2:13
13. Dutch Dutch 0:19
14. Marsha/Britney 2:16
15. Tamil Beat Munchi 1:17
16. Listen Up 2:48
17. Mudersounds Munchi 2:30
18. Overdrive 3:12
19. You My Love 3:08
20. Get Around 3:28

Download Link:



Munchi ft M.I.A. - Murder Sound VIP


Murda Sound EP [2010]

Murda Sound EP [2010]

1. Shottas ft. Mr Lexx
2. Shottas (DJ Ayres Edit)
3. Toma Essa Porra
4. Murda Sound VIP
5. Hope
6. Madre No Llores

Thanks for the support over the past year everyone! the EP is available @:

Turntable Lab
Zero Inch

*Bonus* Best of Munchi Mix by Dirty South Joe


1. Hope
2. Esta Noche
3. Metele Bellaco
4. Pun Ain't Dead
5. Pepe Volvio
6. Bassanova - Chickenlover (Munchi Likes Em Fried Moombahton Rmx)
7. Mu-Gen - Fizzdom (Munchi Moombahton Rmx)
8. Datsik - Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)
9. Shottas (Mix Edit)
10. Deja Tu Vaina Mujer
11. El Gallo
12. Coracao Apaixonado
13. Mojito Montagem
14. Forbidden Fantasy
15. Madre, No Llores
16. Times Change VIP
17. Baltimore Soul
18. Chasin Sky & Sand
19. Toma Essa Porra
20. Baltimore Dub
21. Tenga Una Punto 40
22. Salgueiro O Calderao
23. One Night Stand
24. El Mangu
25. Bota Dedim Pro Alto
26. Murda Sound
27. Sebastian - H.A.L. (Munchi Bootleg Kuduro-More Rmx)
28. Steve Starks - Git Em (Munchi's Kuduro Rmx)

Check it out


Heartbreak & Munchi - Fuck H&M [2010]

H&M - Fuck H&M [2010]

1. Munchi - Pun Aint Dead
2. Heartbreak - Chavvi
3. Munchi - Esta Noche
4. Heartbreak - Arroz Con Pollo
5. Heartbreak & Munchi - Faceoff

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



Kuduro Promo [2010]

Kuduro Promo [2010]

1. Sebastian - H.A.L. (Munchi Bootleg Kuduro-More Rmx)
2. Kelis - Milkshake (Munchi's 'Thanks To Subeena' Bootleg Kuduro Rmx)
3. Munchi - Minigame 2010
4. Steve Starks - Git Em (Munchi Kuduro Rmx)
5. Munchi - Ta Maluco
* Munchi - DJ Pode Quebrar
** Munchi - As Cachorras De Amanha

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



Munchi Presents - Summer Of Moombahton [2010]

My birthday gift to you all, thanks for so much support you all have been giving me. This is shit right here is for the Moombahton movement. Ay tan sucia!

Artwork by Mohak !!


Summer Of Moombahton [2010]


1. Dave Nada - La Gata
2. Sandro Silva - Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
4. N.A.S.A. - Watchadoin (Alvaro Remix - Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
5. Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Afrojack Remix - Audio1 Moombahton Edit)
6. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Tommie Sunshine Mix - Morningstar Moombahton Edit)
7. Neoteric - Hey Got Lines
8. Drop The Lime vs East Flatbush Project - Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
9. DJ Apt One vs Josh Wink - Higher State of Moombahton
10. Slap & Dash - Fried Toy Moombahton
11. Knight Riderz - Party Alarm (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
12. Munchi - Sandungueo


1. Modjo - Lady (A-Mac Moombahton Rmx)
2. Picksterone & Melo - Mas Poderoso
3. Sabo - No Pare Moombahton
4. DJ Epidemic - Ravaged Toadstool Girls
5. Hyper Crush - Ayo (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
6. Moombahtron - Space Runner
7. David Heartbreak - Moombahma (Munchi Edit)
8. Sabbo - Make It Sexy
9. Sigur Ros - Saeglopur (Yeah! Remix)
10. Riggs & Murtaugh - Moombalator
11. Kid Kaio - We Don't Give a Fuck (Uncle Jesse Fuckin' Moombahton Edit)
12. Datsik - Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)

Download Link [320 Kbps]:





Cumbia XXX EP [2010]

Cumbia XXX EP [2010]

1. Munchi - Mujeres Tan A Jarro
2. Munchi - Leite Condensão
3. Munchi - Bellakeo
4. Munchi - El Gallo
5. Munchi - Deja Tu Vaina Mujer

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



Heartbreak & Munchi - Munbreakton EP (Moombahton) [2010]

Heartbreak & Munchi - Munbreakton EP (Moombahton)[2010]

1. Heartbreak - Pilulas Azuis e Brancos
2. Heartbreak - Sweet Tea
3. Munchi - Pero Que lo Que Mujer
4. Munchi - Soltero y Sin Compromiso
5. Heartbreak & Munchi - Aponte o Não
6. Heartbreak & Munchi - Boneknuckles [Moombahton Rmx]

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



Moombahton Promo [2010]

Moombahton Promo [2010]

1. La Brasilena ta Montao
2. Metele Bellaco
3. Pepe Volvio
4. Sandungueo
5. Vamo A Darle Slow (Toma Essa Porra VIP)

Download Link [320 Kbps]:



Baltimore Promo 2.0/2.1 + B-More Dub (Munchi VIP)


1. You're A Jerk
2. The Pest Anthem
3. Dão Grito Porra (Bucky Done Gun B-more Rmx)
4. Salgueiro O Calderao
5. Baltimore Dub
6. We Need A Resolution
7. Baltimore Soul
8. Roadrunner Tell Em!
9. Chasin Sky & Sand
10. Case Of The Ex


1. Kanye Likes Interruptin People
2. Swallow Bitch
3. Imma Fuck You Some More
4. Riverside
5. State Of Emergency
6. Imma Get Medieval Prt 2
7. El Mangu
8. Ice Box
9. One Night Stand
10. Kill Nokia Phones (I Fuckin Hate Them)

B-more Dub (Munchi Vip)

1. Roffa VIP
2. Murda Sound VIP
3. You VIP
4. Times Change VIP

Download Link 4 Everything [320 kbps] :



Munchi - Blog Mentions/Compilations/Mixes

First of all, thank you so much for the support! I fucking appreciate it!

This is what I know of ofcourse, if you heared/seen my shyt anywhere hit me up!

*Update* 21/06/10 - Wow, these past months i have got so much support man.
People hittin me up about my music, for gigs and remixes.
Everybody thanks for the love, you dont know how much this means to me!

Munchi featured on Diskotoy with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Mikey Boom blog with the track 'Soltero Y Sin Compromiso'!

Munchi featured on Wayne N Wax with the tracks 'Dominican Bubblin Battle 2009', 'Mambo Con Sazon' & 'Nex Aan Te Doen prt. 1'!

Munchi featured on Deep Goa with the track 'Madre No Llores'!

Munchi featured on Gints' blog with the track 'Madre No Llores'!

Munchi featured on Cliff Huxstable's blog with the track 'Madre No Llores'!

Munchi featured on Ghetto Bazaar with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Vous Y Etes blog with the track 'Toma Essa Porra (Vamos A Darle Slow VIP)'!

Munchi featured on Hello Hargi with my remix of Dubbel Dutch's 'Throwback'!

Munchi featured on DJ Melo's Cinco De Melo Mix with the tracks 'Toma Berimbau' & 'Fizzdom (Munchi Moombahton Rmx)'!

Munchi featured on White Label with my remix of Dubbel Dutch's 'Throwback'!

Munchi featured on Scatterblog with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on True Genius Requires Insanity with the track 'Metele Bellaco'!

Munchi featured on the Slow Blow blog with the track 'Metele Bellaco'!

Munchi featured on Radio Na Life with the tracks 'Metele Bellaco' & 'La Brasilena Ta Montao'!

Munchi featured on the Sideways Run blog with the track 'Metele Bellaco'!

Munchi featured on Dubbel Dutch's Mini Mix Series V2 with the track 'Tengo Una Punto 40'!

Munchi featured on the Flashing Lights blog with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on Shifty Rhythms with the Baltimore Promo & Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Chrome Music site with the Moombahton Promo!

Mosca Verde did a mix called Munchi Baltimore Mixing Experience with only tracks of the first promo!

Munchi featured on the AkVwatNet blog with the track 'Madre No Llores' & the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Mikey Boom blog with the track 'Toma Berimbau'!

Munchi featured on Maria Y Jose's - Mega Caloron Mix with the track 'Sandungueo'!

Munchi featured on The Get Downnn with the my remix of Dubbel Dutch's 'Throwback'!

Munchi featured on XLR8R with the track 'Metele Bellaco'!

Munchi featured on the Samar Touch Radio Show #104 with the track 'Sandungueo'!

Munchi featured on the Walmer Convenience Blog with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Not So Fresh blog about Moombahton with the tracks 'Sandungueo' & 'Metele Bellaco'!

Munchi featured on the Fruits & Beatz blog with the Moombahton Promo!

Munchi featured on the Generation Bass post about Moombahton with the tracks 'Sandungueo' & 'Pepe Volvio'!

Munchi featured on NibOOtOO with Moombahton. They have covered almost every Moombahton track I did and been there from the start!

Munchi featured on Generation Bass with the Dubstep Promo!

Munchi featured on Generation Bass with the Dubstep Promo!

Munchi featured on Generation Bass with the Baltimore Club Promo!

Munchi featured on Attorney Street with the House Rmx of Mr Catras track 'Mama Meu Olhando'.

Munchi featured on It's After The End Of The World with the Baltimore Club Promo!

Munchi featured on 22 Tracks on the MPS Pilot's Worldgrooves playlist, with my Baltimore Club version of 'Ik Ben Vandaag Zo Vrolijk'.

Munchi featured on Soundgoods for the Funk Carioca Hybrid Series, with the House Rmx of Mr Catras track 'Mama Meu Olhando'.

Munchi featured on Generation Bass with the Baile Funk Promo!

Munchi featured on Breakcore.nl's free release Themeless Vol. 2 with track nr. 20 with 'Break Your Fuckin Face'. I was a huge Limp Bizkit fan back in the day and I made a Breakcore version of the song 'Break Stuff'.

Munchi featured on the JB-Vicious Bmore Triple Threat Pt. 3 with the track 'Imma Get Medieval'

Munchi featured on the JB-Vicious mix with 'This Shyt Right Here' a Baltimore remix of a Katt Williams skit.

Munchi featured on Heart In Migration with the track 'Break Your Fuckin Face' that was later released on the Themeless Vol. 2.

Munchi featured on Deep Goa with the tracks 'Lost In Insomnia' & 'Sub Rockin'!

Munchi featured on a Temisan Adoki mix with 'Shake That' a Baltimore/Bubbling song.


Baile Funk Promo [2010]

Baile Funk Promo (2010)

1. Bota Dedim Pro Alto
2. Ruas De Grecia
3. Vira A Cara Pra Parede
4. Chamada 0906-Putaria
5. Cachorrada
6. Pikachu Anthem
7. Seducao Montagem
8. Colombia Montagem
9. Baile Pega Fogo
10. Ex e Sempre Ex
11. Coracão Apaixonado
12. Mojito Montagem

Download Link [320 kbps] :


Baltimore Club Promo [2009]

Baltimore Club Promo (2009)

1. Baltimore Banger
2. Puerto Rican Pussy (Rmx)
3. Mrs Officer (Rmx)
4. Puta Cabrona
5. Shake That
6. Say What
7. Ik Ben Vandaag Zo Vrolijk
8. This Shyt Right Here
9. Shut The Fuck Up
10. Imma Get Medieval
Bonus. Tengo Una Punto 40

Download Link [320 kbps] :


Dubstep Promo [2009]

Dubstep Promo (2009)

1. Forbidden Fantasy
2. Lost in Insomnia
3. Select your Destiny
4. Sub Rockin'
5. Murder Sound

Download Link [320 kbps] :